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Tommy's House

A realized vision of Tommy Olmstead, who was once describes as “epitomizing the very definition of service," Tommy's House opened its doors to women in need in 2016.

Olmstead, who passed away in 2020, spent more than 50 years of her God centered life volunteering in her community.

She was actively engaged in her faith community at First Baptist Church in so many capacities the committee is still struggling to assemble a complete list.

Since its inception, Tommy’s House has filled a much needed gap in services in Branch County for women struggling with addiction.

Born in Indiana, Olmstead moved to Coldwater with her family as a child. She graduated from Coldwater High School, where she met her late husband of over 60 years.

The couple raised five sons and a foster son.

A humble women, Olmstead said, “I don’t know why they chose me but it is very nice. I always think that people who are (honored) have to do something outstanding. I don’t think anything I have done is that outstanding.”

Olmstead has been instrumental in starting a Christian Women’s Group in the county, she was a volunteer chaplain at the prison prior to its closing and has conducted a Bible Study for women at the Branch County jail for several years.

In 2016, Olmstead’s dream of opening a women’s rehabilitation center was realized when Tommy’s House, located at 50 N. Clay St., Coldwater, opened its doors to provide “a limited number of women, battling addiction, a safe, secure Christ centered environment; offering housing, counseling and support services to gain skills necessary to live a substance free life.”

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